Lynn Russell – photographer and conceptual artist. Russell’s art reveals an ardent interest in daily life.  Russell’s voice of expression fashions art with humor and commentary.

Russell’s “Outdoors”  paintings of rich landscapes and striking architecture

“WordPlay” (Constructs) Russell’s irresistible fondness for language; finds common ground with words as artful depictions of familiar expressions.

“Animalscapes” (Photography) A moment in time series of stylish animals in their “unnatural” habitat.

“Loyalties and Labels” (Collage) modified newspaper images concerning discrimination.

“Baruch Hashem” (Collage) Expression of gratitude. Paper, cardboard,  newspaper lettering, photography.

For a number of years, Russell’s studio was located in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, a mecca of Orthodoxy in New York.  In 2016 Lynn relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Russell’s Judaic artworks expresses Judaism’s sacred traditions.